Business Update from Europlas PCVU

Message from Europlas Managing Director, Simon Lomax

At Europlas, we understand that market volatility can create uncertainty for our customers, partners and fellow industry colleagues. However, we want to emphasise that we have taken proactive steps to mitigate the impact of such volatility. By strengthening our supply chain and fortifying our operations, we have positioned Europlas to navigate these challenging times with confidence. These measures provide us with stability and allow us to maintain the high standards of service and product quality that our customers have come to expect.

One of the key outcomes of our efforts is the ability to fix prices until the end of the year. This stability in pricing gives our customers the certainty they need to plan their budgets effectively. We recognise the importance of providing transparent pricing, and by securing our supply chain, we can offer this assurance to our valued customers.


About Europlas (PVCu) Ltd

Europlas (PVCu) Ltd are a UK based network of trade counters supplying windows, doors, conservatories, roofline products and ancillaries to installers, builders, DIYers and the public.

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